Variations of Flow Number of Asphalt Concrete due to Human Effects

  • Katherine Widjaja
  • Md Rashadul Islam Colorado State University - Pueblo
  • Sylvester A. Kalevela Colorado State University - Pueblo
Keywords: Asphalt concrete, flow number, mix design, contractors


Flow number (N) of Asphalt Concrete (AC) is an important property relating the number of load repetition an AC material can sustain without having any permanent deformation on it. This property is determined in laboratory using very sophisticated equipment. This study shows the flow number of a mix can vary from contractor to contractor and so on. To study, flow number of a number of AC specimens are determined. Then, the results are analyzed. Results show that the same mix may have statistically different flow numbers for the same contractor. The same mix may have statistically different flow numbers for different contractors. Mix with same mix factors might have statistically different flow numbers.

Author Biographies

Katherine Widjaja

Civil Engineering Technology, CSU-Pueblo, student

Md Rashadul Islam, Colorado State University - Pueblo

Faculty of Civil Engineering Technology

Sylvester A. Kalevela, Colorado State University - Pueblo

Dean of CEEPS, CSU-Pueblo


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