Justice for all

John Rawls Theory of Justice and the Green New Deal

  • Emma Sommer CSU Pueblo
Keywords: John Rawls, Green New Deal, Theory of Justice, Sustainability, Political Philosophy


The Green New Deal (HR 109/SR 59) is calling for a quick change in United States environmental and economic/social policy, with focus on the effects of climate change. By applying John Rawls’ theory of justice, precisely the original position and the two principles of justice, to the proposed change in policy, this paper finds that the resolutions would support the ultimate goal of justice. With uncertainty about one's place in society, changes towards equality and an environment with cleaner air, water, and land are in everyone's favor. As justice is equal to fairness the current state of regulations on the economy and the environment are unjust. They are benefiting the energy industry, while hurting low-income families, who have to deal with the effects. Guided by Rawls theory, the U.S. approach to these issues would have to change drastically, and the Green New Deal is a version of that.

Social Sciences